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Writing this just after watching the deathly dull draw against Utrecht on earlier, I just thought I’d comment as to where I think the club seems to be going, mainly about Roy.  NowI was one of thosewho was complaining about his appointment before it was formal – he has just not had the consistency at other clubs where he has been, or the ability to get teams playing above their previous station (except for ONE season at Fulham).


Anyway, a lot blame our squad, saying Rafa let the club down etc. and that we haven’t got as strong a squad as the top 4/5 and shouldn’t expect to be able to challenge these.  to this I say – that is absolute rubbish.  It was only 2 seasons when we were a little unlucjky to only finish 2nd under Rafa, and the squad is essentially the same, with only Alonso (who prior to that season had 2 poor seasons) and Mascherano gone, with Aquilani (who, in my opinion, IS a very fine player who is worthy of stepping into Alonso’s shoes, but was injured last season*) – so essentially having lost just Mascherano.  Yes Man City have strergntheed with their money, but have spurs really *strengthened* their squad, or is it more them playing well at the moment?  Ditto Arsenal?

Secondly, yes, we do have a lack of depth in terms of actual 2nd choice players, but I would argue that at *least* 6 players in the liverpool squad would get into any sides matchday 16, apart from maybe Man City (Reina, Agger, Johnon, Gerard, Kuyt, torres), with many others improving all the time (think Lucas vs Chelsea where he dominated the chelsea midfield which cost 6+ times more then him!).  and we’re not going to get the big name talents that we may need to push us back into the “Big Four” without being more ambitious then we currently are aiming for at least a top 5/6 position (which seems contrary to roy’s ambitions of a top half finish!).  As for tonight – why do commentators keep referring to \ “dead rubber” – Utrecht (If my maths works correctly) could still have qualified as the runner oup from this group, so they had the motivation to come out and play; and the way we have been playing lately, we *need* the time onj the pitch playing well to click into gear.  Playing well tonight wouyld then have had a beneifical affect come the weekend, as the players owuld have greater confidence and be able to play more “naturally”.  Whereas playing like we did tonight will just serve  to remind the players how awfu we have been this season (MUCH, MUCH worse then under Rafa last season even!), and resulting in a worse performance at the weekend probably.  Its just comon appication of pyschology people!

As for the players, thought Cole again looked old and particularly poor, as did Poulsen, 2 of Roy’s signings; and Babel didn’t do enough to show he can start week in and week out, and deliver,m with too many moments of giving possession away cheaplly, runnning down blind alleys, etc.   On the other hand seeing Fabio back in the role leaves me with much more confidence then with the clown that goes by the name of Paul,  Kelly again looks a class act at his age, Pacheco when he came on was real quality, easily transformed the team and we looked much better with him on the left instead of Cole, Ecclestone first half showed willingness to get forward more then babel and chase balls.  so some positives, some negatives.

On to the weekend!

*also on the Aqualani point, why did roy release him on loan to Juve (where he is, apparently, playing really well and standing out there as a very fine player), then claim we didn’t have the strength in depth in the midfield?

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Hi all

Hi all,

As someone who has always meant to get myself a blog, and have on a couple of occassions managed to do so, only to let these attempts fall to the wayside of apathy, I have decided to make an early New years resolution to start and maintain this blog to talk about my feelings, what I am doing, etc.  I will try not to be too boring, and tell me if I become so!

Anyway, with that sorted out, let me briefly (keeping personal details out of it if possible) introduce myself – my name is Scott (the username has the clue), live in the West Ridings of Yorkshire (although oroginally hail from that most beautiful Garden of England, Kent); am an avid sports fanatic (watching, not participating!), following Liverpool football club, kent county cricket club, bath rugby union football club through the year, as well an fan of cycling (both road and track mainly), Formula 1, and wll watch and talk about just about most sports (main exception being the US sports, basket ball especially, although I am known to watch the odd superbowl or Winter Olympics Ice Hockey final once a year/every 4).  You’ll therefore see my comment on my various sporting interests through the year, and will always try to bring at least some objectivity into these bogs, on top of my, often vtriolic, commentary.

I would describe myself  as a gamer, with a PC for some of my gaming needs (mainly old school RTSes and Minecraft), nd a PS3 for the majority of my gaming needs, one who is not always playing the latest and greatest FPS (in fact very rarely do I play FPses, and with the exception of Borderlands co-op as it was a lot more like a RPG, I NEVER play multiplayer online with a FPS). The problem with this is I probably don’t play as much as I need to, and only really got back into gaming earlier this year so am trying to ctach up the last 3/4 years whilst staying current!   Favourite games not on the current gen of consoles include the wonderfully RPG-like Deus Ex, Freespace 2, the original Rainbow Six for their strategical planning/execution, Age of Empires 2, maybe the original Red Faction and Civilzation 3.  As for the current gen, favourites include AC2/AC:B, Ratchet and Clank series (especially Crack of Time), Uncharted 1 (I still have Uncharted 2 staring at me waiting for me to unwrap it!), Minecraft.

I also like to spend time regularly watching films (from across the ages of genres, palthough am not a fan usually of horror), and have a good knowledge (I like to think) of classic British comedy, both radio and tv, with a particular fondness for Oxbridge comedians; althoguh I do enjoy the odd US comedy (seinfeld, Frasier, Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother and most of the “adult” animations like southpark/family guy); also enjoy watching good quality documentaries, and often the odd sci-fi (mainly firefly, man that show was awesome) and Life on Mars/Ashes to Ashes (not anything else similar, just those 2)

As for music, well I’ve been told my tastes are “eclectic” and “wide-ranging”, and pretty much encompass a lot of what is on the extremes of music, with very little in the mainstream middle; so I enjoy folk music, classical, jazz, prog rock, some modern indie/prog (mainly Mars Volta, Muse and, oddly Placebo), Classic Rock (up to about the split of the Smiths in late 80s), and classic “singer-songwriter” (think David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cassh).  Will enjoy good 80s electronica (think Human League/pet shop boys/kraftwerk style), and early punk and some heavy metal.  Definite nos – rap, hip hop, RnB, modern electornic, dance, pop

As you may have noticed by the length of this post, I do like talking, about almost anything as long as its an intelligent conversation (so niothing about dreary stuff like reality tv/celebrity culture), and I’ll endeavour to be more concise and less flappy in the future.

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